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Sorry about the pics used my phone, Lg9900. Got these omw home from work LHS is otw home

Here is some more....

Rear view......See the B-25 ARF tail on the counter, nice kit, new, forgot what it was.... and a glimpse of the builder

Side profile.....

And the 3Quarter look.

All you have to do is flip the wing upside down,
slice a slit in the wingtip with a razor knife,
drop some thin CA in the slit,
and slide in a strip of plastic, lexan, polycarb, whatever,
these are fairly flimsy, forgot what my LHS builder said they were, something about packing material from a kit maybe.....

I'm leaning towards lexan from a RC car body, or scraps of flash from the LHS body painter. Hell, a 2liter soda bottle cut right would probably work to.

As you can see they are hard to see, can expirement with sizes etc to get the best ride on water, or whatever but this is a general improvement on the first try.

This tab allows it to ride the water like a ski or grass or snow to a lesser extent. Pretty much no wing digging at all.

Disclaimer: this is not my plane, or my work, this is my LHS and a demo built buy the builder there.
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