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Matt A. Clement
Matt A. Clement
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For Sale: Flight sim interface and free sim $19.00

Hello everyone.
As I do from time to time, I would like to share a great RC learning tool
with anyone that doesnt already have it. Of course Im talking about a
Simulator. Simulators help learn to fly quickly and safely. They are
great to practice difficult manuevers before risking that nice plane. My
personal flight skills have increased a lot over the last year and that is
one reason Im so pro-Sims.

(now for the sales pitch)

If you want an affordable way to get a great Free simulator called FMS and
an interface to allow your radio to be hooked up to your computer for the
most realistic experience possible, simply buy my product. I am pretty sure
Im the cheapest source for these online, but I could be wrong. I do like
the more expensive sims and Im sure they are worth their weight in gold, but
personally I would rather have a nice plane and a sim than just a nice

so visit my website and order yours today. ONLY 19.00 shipped in the USA.
You'll probably spend more on coffee and a paper this week.