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Originally Posted by John Redman
It is interesting to read this thread for the first time. Been pretty busy with other projects.

First off on the missing tailwheel. I caught the tail wheel wire in the car when I pulled it out, this in turn caused the keeper to come off. I did not have any CA with me to resecure it and when we flew from the track at the local college in a 10+ mph cross wind the tailwheel came off on one of the touch and go's. Flew the rest of it without it and didn't worry about it much.

The outline on this T-craft is dead on, but it has the incorrect trim scheme. We wanted to give a more classic trim scheme on this model and hence the one it comes with. This model is a reduced version of the older Hangar 9 Taylorcraft that was out a number of years ago. The real aircraft that it is modeled after lives out on the west coast, and was modified as you see it. The real bird has only one seat (we added two in our kit) and has the modified tail group for better aerobatics (we kept that because I knew you guys wanted to rock the house).

The plane flies very nice and is capable of any of the basic aerobatic manuevers. Because so many guys have installed 1020 Kv Park 480's on Mini Ultra Stick's and Mini Pulse's I conceeded and made the model capable of using either one. It doesn't need it, but you guys think all models should be doing mach 2, right? This is the perfect step up from either the Mini Pulse or Mini Ultra Stick as mentioned earlier in this thread.

We think the model is pretty light for the overall planform area. I guess it is all in how you look at it. There is a very large amount of wetted area for this sized model.

Thanks for all the support on this model, I think you will like it. It knife edges great to say the least.

Take care,

John Redman
E-Flite Product Developer
John it's great to have you share this good info with all of us on this thread.

E-Flite is certainly on the right track when it comes to quality small to medium size balsa ARF parkfliers. I own a Piper J-3 25 that's a dream to fly...and I'm sure the Taylorcraft will be another big success.

Are there any future plans for a balsa ARF Bucker Jungmeister bipe?...there are just no balsa ARF's of this plane in the parkflier size of my all time favorites needless to say!!.

Gerry Rivera.
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