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Astro 035 on 3.7 (Superbox with 13T pinion from std box), APC 14 x 7 E prop, 10 x 1700 - 2400. I think its around 31A max, not got around to RPM checks yet. 520 squares, 58oz RTF

Dead right you can't spot the dihedral - ain't got none. I thought I could get away with this and build the wing with flat tip to tip spars. Yes, I can, with a little reverse aileron off the rudder, it rolls opposite to rudder. No impact on general flying as the ailerons are well coordinated for turning and rolling, but the flat wing messes up knife edge without computer mixing in the tranny.

Not being too happy to turn her loose like that, and wanting to tweak the stabs some, I've decided to build a new one. It's not really that much of a problem but I want to fix it. New one will have 3/4" per tip. It may go to a little pro-rudder coupled roll, but that is much more pleasant to deal with than adverse roll on rudder any day.

The 4* - the tailplane and elevator got increased by adding about an inch all around. Result is an aircraft that sits better in level flight without hunting, even with a slightly more aft CG, plus snaps and spins are more reliable on entry.

Much as I love the 4*40, it is far easier to do aeros with the CAP! The 4* is really a next step model after you hit the Kadet's limits.

Wanna F3A pattern ship (scaled down to 20 cells!)


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