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Update: maiden flight report

Flew the Dandy Saturday morning. Did a ROG with a 7-cell 720mah pack. Didn't take long to get in the air and it climbed well at a fairly low speed. Did some loops and tight turns once I was at altitude. Did some fly-by's. On the last one I got too slow, stalled out and nosed in from about 18 feet. Damage was minimal, but it wasn't flyable. I will have to cut open the top front of the fuse to repair the motor stick.

I'm looking forward to getting the Dandy back in the air and experimenting with different battery packs. I have some 8x800 Wattage packs that will give it more oomph at the expense of more weight. The 8x720 pack is probably the sweet spot, but I don't have any right now.

I'm interested to here about Doug's experiment with the Switchback Sport wing on the Dandy (posted in another thread). Sound like a good step before going to the SB. Maybe I can borrow Locomoto's SB Sport wing if he ever gets it covered!
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