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Brad Lorance
Brad Lorance
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Re: Need ideas for first RC plane

Im not trying to be a smart a** but if you don't get some help and decide to
go the trial and error route, you will end up spending more money than if
you join your local club. I thought I could do it too and managed to take
off fine and fly around for a minute, but then I lost "perspective" with the
plane coming my way and desperately tried to land it. I managed a very hard
landing coming out of a nasty loop and got lucky. Only pushed my nosewheel
into the firewall. I went home that day wiping sweat from my brow and
counting my blessings. THEN I joined a club. I knew I had the knack for it
and soloed in only 5 or 6 flights with perfect landings. 3 months later, I
compete in my first IMAC contest with a .40 size Extra. My point is, there
is a good chance you will be a natural at it but at least get a lesson or
two with a buddy box to save you because based on my experience and foolish
confidence I almost crashed which would have most likely disgusted me to the
point of not sticking with a hobby I love dearly today.

by the way, my recommendation for a good glow powered trainer (I do suggest
glow) is a Sig Kadet LT40 with (very economical power) Thunder Tiger 46PRO.
I use JR radio equipment, but get what your instructor suggests or what he
uses to be compatible. All brands make nice stuff and you will find
arguments for/against all brands.

good luck


> I don't mind getting started by myself (trial and error). This way I
> won't spend more money on an RC plane(s) until I see if I like the
> hobby.