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Need ideas for first RC plane


My son and I bought a cheep electric RC plane from Wal Mart. It was an
Estes Sky Ranger. I was actually impressed that it worked (somewhat).
It had a transmitter for the rudder only. It flew and flew! It wasn't
very responsive and we spent most of our time retrieving the plane out
of trees and making repairs!

Obviously, a RC plane with better control and features would be more
fun. I bought a copy of RC Modeler Magazine and saw some simple RC
planes that might get us started. There are several RC clubs in our
county, but are a long drive from us. I know that joining a club and
getting the help and training from other members is the way to go. But,
I don't mind getting started by myself (trial and error). This way I
won't spend more money on an RC plane(s) until I see if I like the

I think that a liquid fuel powered plane would be more fun than an
electric plane. I found the following RC plane that might work for my
starter plane:

U.S. AirCore 40 Trainer Kit 40-50, 64" (rugged, inexpensive, high-wing)

Would it be better to buy a radio with more channels than required so
that it can be used for future planes requiring more channels?

Thanks for any feedback on this.
Sacramento, CA