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Cubnuts / 2007

Well, Cubnuts ( is done for another year.

And a resounding success it was! As one might expect most of the pilots were from the western states, with one pilot from Texas.

There were 48 pilots, and considerably more than 70 planes.

AND - Brian, take a bow - there were two Laser Arts/Mountain Models 1/9th cubs, one regular J3, and my Clipped Wing Cub.

Both of them flew very well. The regular J3 was flown by a 12 year old boy. The Clipped Wing Cub was flown by a pilot who is 6 times his age

We had a basic fun fly, plus a two plane pylon race, an "obstacle" course, and - if you had enough nerve, an all up event. Just 18 of the 48 pilots mustered enough gumption to do that one - but even those 18 cubs in the air at one time was impressive.

Eight full-sized Cubs did a fly-by, and four of them landed - so that all could get up close and see what they look like. Two of them were wearing tundra tires.

All of the above was on Saturday, the 22nd. On Friday, there was some aerotowing, using Cub Tugs and some scale gliders. I arrived too late to see it, but there was a custom built "Carbon Cub". I was told that its landing roll-out was about 15 feet, and the take off run was about 30 feet.

There were bunches of vendor/sponsor prizes too.

All-in-all, a good time was had by all.
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