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I flew the BluCub2 - but not as well as you...

The only problem I see in making plans for beginners is that you're gonna get some heartbreak...

Blu Cub 2 was a very fun 1st scratchbuild. I learned much from building and (attempting) flying it. I built a 30 inch ws and I wanted to see how cheap I could build a trainer (uh-oh)

First I tried to use some 30 yr old servos. Only 2 of the three worked, though so I just used one for the ailerons. Good thing too, because they were heavy - as was the 400 motor a friend gave me to power it (free!) I really thought the plans said 400. Only later did I see 350 on the 30" plans. My coup-de-grace though was trying to use 3 lithium-ion cells from a laptop battery pack. Fortunately, that never made it past bench testing. I bought a 2000 mah 3 cell and my AUW was 19 oz.! Gene, are you laughing yet? I am!

Anyway, same friend test flies it, and it looks beautiful! He says it flies like a sponge. Yeah, well, he flies jets... He lands it well. I wish I had video. I fly, I crash, it breaks. I fly, I crash, it breaks. There's a pattern here.

It seems heavy. Well, newbie starts rereading and oh- it is heavy. I buy the 350 motor, and the 1200 mah 2 cell lipo. I keep attempting to commit aviation with this thing, but it was not to be. The last crash broke the fuse in one place and rebroke a couple more. I had already started another trainer build, so...

But thanks for the fun! I may still build another BC2! someday...
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