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Originally Posted by rationalV
GWS has raised prices on airplanes and motors this year in case you missed it.
Combo kits are indeed better values.

There is no going back to before...
Many old GWS supporters are buying factory direct brands from Asia.
It is not just a matter of which product is better, the perceived value is what makes a difference. For consumers, it is something that works 'good' enough at a 'good' price. For sellers, it is something that generates good profit and turns over fast. And the RTF airplanes are what most consumers/sellers want, just ask any LHS now days. One owner posted that 10 RTFs are sold for every one GWS kit... post#15

I applaud GWS for bucking the market trend, but current market will not treat a maverick so kindly.

Firstly I have not noticed any Pricce increase in GWS kits either at my LHS or online, in fac tI've noticed most places seem to have lowered prices in some cases, for instance the PICO TM Painted Yellow was 54.99 5 yrs ago I have seen them list at $45.00 on some site now as regular pricing.

While RTF's are truly coming on strong, how many RTF's are being bought by just one person...personally I believe that these are typically "one time" sales
where as the LHS in most cases is dependent upon repeat customers. Unless their mark up is so high that the pplanes can be bought cheaper online even with the shipping...the LHS is dependent upon sundries sales for his majoral profit.

I saw an experienced flyer auger a PZ 190 on its maiden flight ..plane was toast.....he had just launched it.....(Maidens really should be ROG IMHO)

so much for the RTF now eh? I know this pilot very well had the darned thing had landing gear he would have flown it just fine. So this is what these companies are doing to the next generation of flyers......getting them so disgruntled that they won't try again.

Typically the person that buys, say an Aerobird, comes back in later looking for something different but then realizes that he is back in the same boat as he was when he bought the aerobird, for the most part the components are not interchangeable, that consumer then leaves not buying a thing and leaves frustrated that he should have gotten set up in the hobby properly to begin with.

then again I do know folks thathave bought RTF's they own the one plane and fly it only...they do not want to buy anything else....again...a one time sale only.

Service after the sale is just important as initial cost, try getting service and understanding outof the Knock off compnaies once the product is out the door...Prime Example...I won a RICCS RTF Mirage 2000 at SEFF this past year
third flight one of the elevator Servos locks up on landing...Potentiometer went bad... Nose cowel damaged minorily but front landing gear stripped out of fuse, the mount for the gear is the battery hatch...response I get form Hobby Lobby is there is no parts available buy a new one....well Kiss My Patuti
RICCS says...I must have done something wrong. IT WAS RTF!!!!! made with Cheap crap parts, and now no service or parts to repair....okay I repaired it myself and retrofitted in a different gear mount system of my own design, I also stripped out the servos and replaced with GWS servos (I've never had a GWS servo go bad...I have had HS-55's go bad on me) as I start it up to remaiden the speed control smokes...the crashed that killed the gear was from three feet up so what killed the speed control? I know what killed it..poor quality control in the manufacturing proces.

No quality in the product..

So RTF from CHeap China is not worth the gold ...other will soon learn this too
oh by the way this plane costs well over 200 bucks when you buy it from Hobby Lobby who is sole distributor. Where is the value now, perceived or other wise three servos at $51.00 worth of servos, $75.00 speed control
the once $229.00 RTF, had I purchased it, just cost me and additional $126.00 now it is a 350 dollar plane....and the word is getting out on you tell me.... How long will this RTF last in the market place?

How long the Yugo automobile last?

cheap doesn't last long and these Cheap RTF's will notl ast long either

Buck the is driven by "ignorant people" once the ignorance is gone it will be back to ARF's

And do these Cheap Chia knock off manufacturer's even care that for the most part these RTF's are for the most part purchase by or for kids who think they may want to get into the hobby.....after they have a bad experience...will they stay with it?

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