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Just need to point this out

When Horizon was sole Distributor of GWS there was an abundance in fact over abundance of planes and parts, of course there were only about 15 or so electric models.

What's more is that Horizon would work COD with the LHS which is the only way mine will do business.

Then, for what ever reason, Horizon is no longer sole distributor...Balsa Products was next in line along with Todds models as primary BP and TM are not carrying anything or very little anymore.

GWS USA was supposed to alleviate a major portion of the shipping problems, i.e. Time to arrive and go through customs, inventory control in the USA, etc.

Now everybody and their cousins state that they are a GWS Distributor, but when you use the links on the GWS site to get to them more than half of the vendors mentioned don't carrry a single plane..most carry only a speed control, or a servo line, or a motor line, and very few of those.

to me that is not a GWS Distibutor, that is only a retailer of specialty items.

Mr Lin...You know me...I have been an advocate of GWS since what? 2001 or 2002...I have overpowered your planes, I have smashed , crashed, and rebuilt them they are the some of the greatest products when one considers cost to WOW factor. I have always stood up for GWS when others have said "FSK or Alpha" make a prettier response was always ...yes for twice the price, and no motor or landing gear.....what bargain is that?

and when you really crash an FSK or Alpha (like I can crash one) the foam is so thin that sometimes 1 crash ...and the plane is finished (which is usually on a first flight for some folks)

I would suggest that perhaps GWS has grown too big too fast!!! and now is facing the trouble that most fast growing companies face....
not enough product to handle the demand,
not enough tracking to keep accurate control of inventory,
too much conservatism in quarterly market estimates.

that coupled with the tighter Customs restrictions and inspections in US and other countries equals a huge delay from desire to purchase to actual delivery.

Mr Lin you need to get back to one major distributor in the US, maybe two...but that is all. Let the LHS shops order direct from them....the LHS must also have a variety of ways to pay including Net 30 days if possible.

Most of these "So called" distributors are just a LHS with stock room and are using GWS USA as their personal warehouse. This must stop....tey want the price breaks for distributorship but don't want the cost of overhead and stocking. That is understandable, but for GWS not practical...The old way was better.

One more thing for the end user to realize....the Economy of the US is not what it has been these last 5 or 7 yrs, forclosures are up, taxes and insurances are up ...we had a good run but now consumerism is dropping at a very fast rate, that sets up a scary volatile market for luxury items (which unfortunately is what our hobby is) a drop in quantities available is to be expected until a balance can be reached. But now demand is higher than available inventory, at least in the US. Time to balance the system

How much stock should Mr Lin send and risk sitting without immediate financial returns?

He has lowered prices and improved stock power systems (brushless )
Which proves that he listens to we the consumers here at RC Groups and responds, I believe the Inventory issue is being addressed at present but not fast enough for we Americans

he is producing and designing bigger and better planes for less cost than original (I payed 69.00 for a spitfire with Brushed motor 4 yrs ago, I payed 60 for a FW190 with BL motor and better landing gear 2 months ago)

what I suggest is a bit of reorganization of marketing and distribution practices, and unfortunately for we the end user, a little more patience.

So while we wait patiently, GWS USA should load up with everything and I mean everything...I figure about 40 cargo boxes would do the trick for starters, and place "Visionaries" in charge of GWS USA not college trained monkees who look at spread sheets of projections, that create over conservatism in the fearful monkees in charge of the operations.
I see the same thing in my industry college trained monkees that have never lifted a hammer and hit a nail on the head trying to build high rise luxury condos....and the result..production has dropped, quality has dropped and budgets have gone up due to improper training by the so called teachers of Construction Management. College is good for background knowledge...but it is not street smarts and should not be confused as such. Unfortunately the "Frat Brats" think they are running the show, when actually they are ruining it.

That along with my suggestions on reducing distributorships may be the thing required to turn the lack of product to the end user around .

and be a little more patient with returns on Investments if at all possible

"If you Build it....They will come"

okay...I'll get off the Soapbox now

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