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Gws Still in business????????

All I know is our local hobbyshop in Auburn CA (Dowtown Hobbies), has been out of GWS planes since June. Not only that they have never gotten any of the Texans in stock. They want them, but can't get them, and believe me they have tried. So something does not jive here when GWS says one thing and the hobby stores say another. One of the two parties here is full of . This issue has affected a lot of consumers throughout the U.S. This problem needs to be fixed PRONTO!
I was wondering this same thing myself,even most online stores havent had gws nps models in stock for a while.

Wanting to buy some cheap nps models for some motors I aquired in early summer,
I have been waiting for the beaver,slow stick,estarter,pico TM nps to show "in stock" at a few rc e-tailers that I buy from,since June.

First they showed eta as late July,then early August,now Temporarily
Unavailable or late Sept,November
Less and less models seem to be available\in stock.
I also noticed that a few models available jumped in price $10-$12 at a few places.

I really like GWS models and sort of wasted an awesome summer of flying weather waiting for these models to become available.

I dont want to go back to a box of sticks that takes a whole summer just to build.

Any Ideas for gws substitutes?I need to fly before the snow flies.

Is GWS still in business??????????,Distributing in the US???????????

GWS4CEO ?????
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