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i think i am in love with this Cessna and ...

I havent even been up close and personal..!

She looks a dream..

Would you say a relative novice could build and fly it??

I have only flown rudder only beginner 14" Pups so far (I am a real glider pilot though if that helps much) - I may go for an intermediate model with fullish function next - easystar / easypigeon or similar - I just cant wait to fly the CMPro (quality looks fantastic for the price) - then perhaps the big Hangar 9 or the big CMP when they fix the wing weakness issue - what dream planes...

I am assuming that they are exceptionally stable in calm to moderate wind and with flaps will be solid as a rock at low landing speeds?

I envisage upgrading wheel diameter and buying top quality front leg

Not sure what motor or power pack - I will go for brushless + non lipo config by choice with BEC + strobes and nav lights + a tracker and perhaps some form of video camera (concealed within airframe)

Using a 'nicad' pack of appropriate value to suitable brushless (for scale speed and non acrobatic + good duration) can the correct COG be achieved without adding weight by placing pack thro bulkhead slightly - I am happy to accept medium performance - no hanging on a prop or double scale speed fly bys required thanks - 'pattern is full..' - I saw the larger version suffers from substantial ballast requirement even with heavy IC engine up front..

Does it really look as convincing in real life as it does in photos?! - Only servo hatches seem to let it down, being unmatched + linkages - fully internals would be rather nice..
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