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Guy Fuller
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Re: Petrol Engine vs Pulse Jet

The only problem with the pulse jet is it is on or off, go or no go. Hard
to start no throttle and loud as H_ll ie, wear ear protection. As you
state, someone has done this and when I was a very small kid I remember
seeing a small tethered jet boat in Lake Mead some 45 years ago.

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> I have been very interested on building a pulsejet for a while now and if
> you go to there is a very good forum there on jets
> including pulsejets. I put a thread about a pulsejet powered boat and

> laughed at me, but it has been done the power to weight ratio isn't to

> for a boat. maybe if u had a small turbine it would be better but I think

> would get better performance from a engine. you could try having a

> and that would lessen the drag produced by the hull.
> Stephen
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> > Try for a large marine engine designed for gasoline.
> >
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