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EL PE, well I will be using two gearboxes on my 480's. I have a twin Islander that I am installing two speed 480's in. What I did was buy the Cermark/MPI speed 400 box they are identical near as I could see. I then took my dremel tool and made the opening larger for the 480 to fit in the gearbox. I then purchased rc car metric pinions to match the ones that came with the box for the smaller speed 400 shaft. RC car motors have 1/8 inch shafts like the 480. Well I have now a gearbox with dual ball bearings and with ratios from 2.0 to 1, 2.5 to 1 and finnaly 3.0 to 1. And you can even go higher by just taking some more metal of the gearbox. So you can slide the motor down to use a bigger pinion. I have not done very much testing because the first motor I tried to reverse timed I cooked. And I am installing a planatery box of 3.7 to1 on a 480 for my Herr Piper Cherokee. It does not need reverse timing and I wanted to make sure the motor fit in the Cherokee's cowl I am also going to put both planes on floats,
That is how I did.
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