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Originally Posted by finishman2000
any part numbers and a sorce? I'm assuming Radio Shack won't have them.
Actually, they might.

It doesn't matter where they go, exactly, except that they go in the output, and they do go in series. Make sure you have the polarity correct.

Actually, this bridge rectifier might do it nicely -- your input would be DC rather than AC, but it would still work, and I would expect a voltage drop of about 1.2 volts. This page shows how a bride rectifier is wired. The polarity going into the device doesn't matter, and it says it's good to 25 amps.

If you only need six amps, Two of these in series ought to do it. Or maybe just one, if the voltage is 14.0 volts. But two if it's 15.0 volts.
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