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Test success

This morning we had still air and good weather. I took the model down to my local park to do the test glides. By removing the motor and using a smaller 2 cell lipo, I got the weight down to 370g (13oz). The COG was set midway between the points marked on the fuse as 7% and 10% static margin. Because my last canard experience was such a disaster, I gave it a 50% chance that it was going to nose-in and snap something.

The test glides went really well. I did about 10 in total, each time moving further up the embankment on the edge of the park. It needed was a few clicks of up trim, but the deflection of the elevator at trimmed postion isn't very noticible. The whole time I never saw anything that looked like a stall. The landings were very gentle and graceful. It seems that on landing, the canard must have been partially stalled, since adding more up evelvator had no effect. I couldn't be happier with it, so I'm just going to put the motor back in and leave the setup exactly the same for the maiden flight. I intent to go to my club field on Wednesday if the weather will be good as forecast.

If anyone is looking at my layout and cg calculations, I'd should mention an error in the calculations I posted previously. I had the distance between the wing and canard as being too short, partly because of my calculation error and also because I added another 15mm (0.6") to the fuse length when I made the final drawings. The corrected version is included below.
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