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Originally Posted by blkdog7
Well, it's definitely the blades. I straightened them out and the vibration has been reduced substantially.

The little rod that comes down off the end of tail is always touching the ground when the heli is not in flight. Is that normal? Shouldn't the tail be up a little more? It seems like the tail rotor is just missing the ground.
That rod is not a problem. They provide 1/2" to 3/4" clearance to prevent the tail blades from striking the ground when landing or taking off.

Also try losening the main rotor blade screws just a little. This will allow the blades to swing into the correct position when spooling up. After you start flying outside FF or in a mild breeze you'll need to tighten the blades back up. But by then you'll know the correct blade position to keep it from vibrating. I think having the blades a little loose also reduced some of the breaking during impacts. But that might not be the case.

Like some others have said I think a kitchen would be a tough place to practice in .. I flew in my garage and had 8 x 12 area and still did a lot of banging around. I left the flybar weights on for the first 20 or so battery packs and then removed them to improve response. I never used the training gear. YMMV


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