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some warp can be removed by cutting & regluing. as a matter of fact just last week i finished fixing a botched infineon bipe build using the same antiwarping technique. here's my post including pics of the "fixed" fuse:

like you said, pics tend to hide warps, but you might notice there's still a small warp favoring right yaw. it's so minor that only the pilot can notice between left & right knife edge flight.

like qban mentioned, if you leave it as is, the bb may use up most of it's rudder deflection just to compensate for that warp, leaving you with little control authority in one direction. the warped bipe you see in those pics flies quite well as is, but it also has a huge rudder compared to the bb.

i'd try straightening the to the best of your abilities & see how it flies. cutting slivers out of the sides & pulling tape tight alone worked well on my epp bipe, but blucor is so much stiffer that you may have to resort to more extreme methods. in fact, it may be easiest for you to just amputate the whole tail just behind the wing saddle, sand the joint to fix the alignment, & reglue it straight with strapping tape. you might end up lucky with a perfect fuse, and it would definately take less time (& no materials really) compared to building a new one.

luckily the wing is removeable on this plane, so you can always build another fuse later on if there are issues with warping. i was sort of forced in to finishing my bipe with the warp, since the warp was glued in with the main wing (ie, rebuilding would be at least a 90% waste of the epp & cf required to build one).

good luck

ps: please do us a favor, if/when you rebuild the fuse, use uhu creativ or gorilla glue instead. avoid hotglue if you need time to align things. (fyi, i've tried hotglue on a few occasions & now i avoid it like prarie dogs, i mean the plague.)
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