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Blu-Baby Aerial Photography Mk.II

My friends, I apologize to all for the delay.

This is the Blu-Baby Aerial Photography Mk.II, AKA the BBAP2. As evidenced by my previous postings it has very successfully flown. The aircraft was designed to be transportable in a Rubbermaid storage container purchased at Walmart for $19.95. The current "state of the art" KFm wing is constructed in three section, cut in half and the joiners fitted. This whole stage can be easily omitted is extreme portability is not desired. Due to the size limitations imposed by the storage container, the BBAP2 has a short, squat fuselage and a generous tail fin mounted forward on top of the fuselage. The horizontal stabilizer and elevator are removable through two #10 nylon bolts screwed into blind nuts in the tail. Total time from box to flight is less than five minutes. The wing is held to the fuse with rubber bands.

Power is provided by a ST Models 1000KV brushless powered by a 3s 2100mah Apogee. Flight times are over twenty minutes with proper power useage.

Like all BBs, this aircraft is designed to be stable and easy to fly. It is a rudder/elevator aircraft. I feel that the mission of an AP aircraft is to take photographs and adding unnecessary complexity adds weight and workload during a flight. The BBAP2's job is to loft an expensive digital camera and return it safely to the ground. The aircraft may also be fitted with aileron / flaps / flaperons at the builder's discretion. I do see the possible application for flaperons, both for quality coordinate turns and to tailor the wing's lift to accomodate payload. I may also build another wing with a Clark Y profile or a UC profile to fine tune it's payload carrying performance.

Here are the plans and a flight pic. I will take a bunch of detail photographs and post them in this thread. As always, these plans are for your personal use and enjoyment and are not to be commercially produced. Enjoy,

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