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Ok, so I tried to weigh it... and the fuse assembly is still over the limit of my scales, so I don't know what it weighs yet.

The thrust angle is right... it's just that I have my motor mounted with the shaft a bit higher relative to the cowl than Sam's. There's a few washers between the top of the alloy mount and the firewall to tilt it down a bit. The firewall seems to be plenty strong enough even with a 50mm square hole in the middle. It's pretty well attached to the fuselage. Interestingly, it's about 12 or 14mm thick in the central part, but the edges are only 6mm or so. The blind nuts for the mount go into the edge of the thicker part.

So, I took it out, set it up, handed the TX to Alex... and it flew. His skills outdo mine in the aerobatics department, so he's got a better chance of bringing a model back if something isn't right.

As it turned out, everything was right, and it flies great. Decent speed but not crazy, the CG was fine at about the center of the suggested range. Ground handling with the Robart strut and flexy fiberglass mains was excellent, although the steering came loose on landing so I'll have to do a little work there, and the nosewheel throw doesn't seem quite enough.

The really impressive thing, though, is the power... it takes off and climbs like a rocket at 3/4 throttle, cruises quickly at 1/2 and will maintain altitude at 1/4. I'm thinking the idea of fitting a tow release and towing gliders with it is perfectly doable.
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