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Originally posted by Lone Yankee
Howdy, folks.
My concern here is that the biggest threat to RC COULD be us. Example: if I were having a cup-o-Joe with my RC buds at a local diner and say, “My F5-B is so fast it’ll run down Air-Force1!”, we would all know that it would just be a figure of speech. To someone who got their aviation education watching TV, you could give them the wrong idea.
My point? Get the wrong bee in the wrong bonnet and we could learn the hard way the pain of trying to un-ring a bell.
My suggestions? Glad you asked!!!
1. Don’t be paranoid but try to phase things “nicely” (like NOT referring to my “Nuclear-powered Yard Bee” in front of “No Nukes” protestors *S*)
2. I would suggest that we (better us than them) refrain from developing long-range RC tech such as flying through an on-board camera and a laptop.
3. Make sure folks know how much FUN this really is! (ever seen a conspiracy being hatched with big, dumb smiles!?)

My 2 cents… -Lone Yankee.
They win!
Don't be "politically incorrect" is what you are saying here.
1)Don't speak where the Whuffos can hear you.
2)Don't do anything at all that could be construed as possessing destructive potential.
3)Look like a loon playing with toys... Oops, we already do that!
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