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Unreasonable restriction of robotics/modeling, regardless of countries/regions where this might occur, would be unwise. It would be addressing problems in a short-sighted, inefficient way... pumping out water instead of repairing the leak.

I could set back beneficial use of new technologies -- limiting the number of people who debate and solve those puzzles, out of curiosity and with no military motivations.

Not only would it make difficult for people to pursue their hobby... it would also reduce possibilities for aviation research, and commercial automated aviation systems (which can save resources and help people).

It would reduce the amount of financing available for experimental motors, servos, batteries, chargers, solar cells, fuel cells, gyros, radios, programmable integrated circuits... it would affect experimentation in many fields. In fields which have not reached widespread use, hobby demand can propel tangible development.

It would even set back military ability to develop UAV technologies -- since somebody has to build them. People are not born as engineers or pilots... they learn somewhere, obtain their interest somehow, develop it by building something smaller and simpler.


On the issue of terrorism, it deserves mention that mobile phones are cheaper than hobby radios. In addition, mobile phones are widespread and easier to operate. In technically well-advanced countries, half of population carries a potential remote detonator in their back pocket. In airports, shops, offices, theatres, subways...

So, before anyone limits remote-contolled models, it would be essential to ban mobile phones. Yet even that... would not work. Any technology can be replaced. Means of destruction can be built despite bans.

Only getting the person who wishes harm before he/she causes it... only stopping people who intend harm from organizing and promoting their cause... only defusing conditions where they can thrive... only that can *really* address the issue of terrorism.
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