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Fleet (3): GWS Ladybug SPAD (modified)

This is the new beater / anywhere plane, although it can be a challenge to fly as probably the CoG is not where I think it is

The original flew spectacularly well on its original wing, 350 motor and 3S LiPo although of course the motor didn't last forever. The wing is a bit fragile on these, even when tape-reinforced. I actually did a thread on this:
but never got round to doing the rudder.

With its SPAD wing its heavier (probably too much for the wire landing gear) and requires an EPS400 to balance. But it survives bad "landings" well, and is fast enough to stress the 9070 SF prop (so it will be replaced with a 9075HD). Good first SPAD IMHO...

Other Easybug (and brethren) threads:

Flies well enough on the EPS400 + 3S LiPo to not really need brushless power. But probably I should set the timing on the 400 motor correctly for this (geared) application, 'cos GWS didn't when they built it...
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