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Originally Posted by blkdog7
Is it me or does the Xtreme tail really look kind of cheesy (no offense to those that have installed this)? I prefer the minimalist design I found, and I bet it's TONs lighter.
*cough* I agree with the "kind of cheesy" - but I wanted to try a fairly mainstream stock part.

Also, as for the weight, I have had to move the battery forward about an inch to compensate. I removed the front battery bit with the velcro and rubber-banded the battery to the 4in1 with a small foam spacer.

Originally, I had trimmed the swashplate to compensate for the weight. The problem was that I had to trim it forward so much it made the heli circle even with max trimming on the TX. I assume this was because of the swashplate's angle causing a lot of friction on the lower rotor...

To confirm this, my front motor just died!

I have now trimmed a lot of unnecessary weight from the heli, when the new motor arrives, I will take some decent photo's to show you all the finished job. It is slightly less "cheesy" than it was originally

Also, and this will effect people using any of the rubber o-ring tails as well, when the rear canopy support is pulled backwards, the base of the main frame tends to bow a bit, pulling the motor pinion's teeth harder onto the main gears, causing more friction. I found the main frame very flexible, so I may make some small adjustments to that also, I will let you all know if I do.

Also, I will make a PDF of the mod, with hi-res photo's, so it can be added to the forum's first page.
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