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Originally Posted by tic
I just completed my seawind #2 last night at 2 am...... maidnened it this morning and it flies GREAT.. ROG no problem... I didn't do any outside loops YET..... You guys that say you can build one in an hour?... well, I want to SEE it! Sure, it's an easy ARF and all but I'm sorry, one hour even with everything laid out is a gross exaggeration of the time needed to do a proper assembly
Tic, you are dead wrong on that subject...I could do it any time and it will be straight and proper...... I am faster than lots of folks, though.

Others could too, even those that do not build models for a living.
One secret is to not go through the construction manual sequientually. Rearrange steps for a more effiecient work flow....groups like steps together.

Do all the 5 min epoxy joints in two sets with the first one being the wingtips and the servo tray and the second later one being the horizontal tail and fin tip. Do the second epoxy work group near the very last, after the motor, ESC and all radio is in place.

Have your 1/16 drill ready to go and gang drill all servo screw holes at once.
The only thing that needs much checking is the horizontal tail install, for proper alignment Heck, the pusrods are already in the fuse. The EZ connectors make the pushrod adjustments a matter of seconds.

Mount the motor and ESC and cowl, prop and spinner while the first wingtip and servo tray epoxy is kicking. As soon as the 5 min is firm, do all servo and radio install.

Do all your pushrod adjustments except for the final elevator one in a batch instead of messing with each one as you install it.....think mass production.

If Great Planes will send me one with the stock motor and ESC, I will do it on a time marked video and send it to you..

In fact, if a local DFW flyer will bring me his outfit, I would be glad to do the one hour trick for him, under the stopwatch... Consider it a standing invitation....

Think Indy pit stop type organization and speed and preparation vs. changing a tire manually in your own driveway, with no tool prep.

Yes. yes, I know, I can be more fun to take your time, but sometimes can be fun to put on a turn of speed...
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