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Just back from another flight off water. I tried the technique described here (full up, throttle on, rudder centered, use the ailerons to level, on step, elevator to neutral, and then fly up) and it was a beauty to behold! However, I need to work on water landings. My first two the other day was 1) a stall splat and 2) a skip-skip-skip into the bank. This time I throttled back and she just glided forever. I pull back on the elevator to do a high angle of attack landing with the rudder hitting the water first. That almost worked but the touchdown tried to somersault the Seawind and the nose submarined and knocked off the canopy. The ensuing flooding knocked out everything but after an impromptu wade, I recovered the Seawind. The Rx and servos recovered fine after a blast of WD-40 and drying. Waiting the the ESC now - it may be toast. Lessons learned: 1) seal the canopy (I did the wings at the root), 2) not so much alfa on landing.

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