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Build a WASP Micro Air Vehicle!?

The WASP is a 13", 170gm flying wing MAV. In October of last year it made a MAV record flight of one hour and 47 minutes. It was built by AeroVironment and funded by DARPA. Control is via throttle, elevator and rudder. Power is Lithium ion, averaging 9 watts. All parts off the shelf.

I saw a blurb about it in Backyard Flyer, the pinnacle of aviation journalism, and my creative...ehh...replicative juices started to flow. Many of us have had 1 hour lithium powered flights without trying that hard. With a highly efficient tractor flying wing, I think 2 hours would be possible--especially since that 170g figure is a bit portly.

Looking at the picture, I'm guessing root chord is 5.5" and the tip is 4" for a leading edge sweep of 13 degrees and 61.75 square inches of wing area. 25% MAC at 2" back. Couple degrees of dihedral with the vert stab/rudder/landing skid beginning right under the nose. EPS cores, no spar, with a balsa trailing edge (with the elevator cut out) and a fiberglass or light film covering. The motor is a sub IPS direct drive (help me with the ID) with what appears to be a GWS 3x2 prop painted black with a Sharpie! I was thinking of using 2 1020 (or larger) Kokam cells--one in each wing panel, permanently installed. Receiver would be a tight fit--not much room if I went with a MH45 airfoil and a 5.5" chord. Pair of WES servos. Could work.
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