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Got to my flying field at sun up (7ish) on a beautiful no wind morning. Had 2 helis and 1 plank and since I haven't flew a plank in a while, I pull out the E-Flite Mini Pulse first. Like I said, haven't flown fix-wing in many years but I've been practicing on RF. Well, that thing flew like a dream. It just needed a couple of beeps of up elevator. That dang thing would fly around as smooth as silk on 1/4 throttle. The 480 motor was more than enough of a power plant for this bird. Now that was fun.

Then I flew the Dragonus next. I've been tweaking the tx's throttle and pitch. It flew good as it did many time before. Mostly FF ....Put 2 pks through it.

The EP-8 was next. I've been messing with the throttle and pitch curves with this one also. I tweaked around with the LG-2100 and did mostly nose-in's and tight, low figure 8's. Dumped 2pks of A123's (I love'em)

Finished the morning with the Mini-Pulse. All in all it was a good morning, came home with everything as I left with it.

I'm getting a another heli near the end of this week... I'll save that topic for later.

HEY!!.... Get out there and burn up the sky!

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