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An L-4

Originally Posted by Eberwein
Well, I was going to do the L-4 first, and then the Super Cub. The L-4 is as simple as a new fuselage, so that part's cool. I hope to have the L-4 at NEAT, though it depends on how fast the other projects go.

Wow!! An L-4 Kit!!

I will be one of your first customers.

I already have your Clipped Wing Cub kit all framed up and ready to sand. I was going to install a 100 watt DIY two-stator motor, but it jammed up and fried a 10 amp ESC with over 80 amps. ( ) Time to re-wire.

In the mean time, in the last 3 weeks, I have been to two vintage air-show / fly-ins in the Portland, Oregon area where I have taken close to 200 photos of three L-4 restorations. One (an L-4H) with a pack of Lucky Strikes, a 45 auto in holster on the rear seat, and a copy of "Yank" magazine on the rear shelf.

Needless to say, most of my photos are of the window areas - with my folding carpenter's rule in some of them.

My plan is to bash a 12-15 year old still-in-the-box Goldberg Anniversary Cub into an L-4. (What the heck - it ain't that scale anyway!! What harm can I do? ) I expect to use a lot of carbon fiber and aluminum around those windows.

Knowing how fast I get to projects like this, I will probably finish your L-4 long before I get around to the hack job.

If anyone is in the Northwest the weekend of Sept 7-9, the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum ( is having its grand opening in Hood River, Oregon. The museum director told me they expect between 15 and 20 "L" birds there, including most assuredly the three L-4's I have pictures of. All are in flying condition.

ALSO - for all you Cub Nuts out there - - - Check out the second annual CubNuts fun fly Sept 21-22 in Oregon. My MM Clipped Wing cub will be there along with dozens of Cubs and cub-derivatives of all sizes and power plants up to a 40% Cub - and probably one or more of those L-4's in a full-size fly-by of cubs. See There will be some Cub aero-tows on the 21st. Is anybody aware that there was a Piper Cub glider?? Yup! There will be one of those there too. Many well-known sponsors including Wil Byers' Quiet Flyer Magazine and a LHS, Coyote Hobbies.

One of the attached photos is a Photoshop cutout of the WAAAM-owned L-4A that was at both air shows. The L-4H was the one with the Lucky Strike pack. Both planes in mint condition - and flyable.

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