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Originally Posted by Toywizard
The posts here are invaluable. You guys come together to share info and warn others.

Great thread for sure.

I do glo, ni-cad (old stuff now) nimh (getting pretty old stuff) and now in the past two years Li-Po.

We run Helis,planks,foamies,boats,4x4 trucks,2x cars. Converting to brushless and Li-po has just opened up a whole world for us.

Now the weight factor on a repair is not so criticle.

Planes that were too heavy because of my too many repairs, now screams accross my back yard view.

We have had our close calls. Li-po's are not something to take lightly.

I use a Wally World fire proof strong box for our charging. Drilled through the side (should seal with silicone after) and mounted wire and charging jacks from my chargers into the box.

This way I can lock it up on a charge cycle.
I even have another strong box (fire proof) that I use to store the li-po batteries in.

We have charged on hand at any point in time around 20 Li-poly batterys.

The nimh and nicad batteries have become very complacient with all of us.
I suppose in a couple of years we would treat Li-poly the same.

As for now, I have way too much invested in my workshop to take a chance while charging Li-Poly batteries.

I wouldnt let my Jeep warm up inside and neither would you.
I wouldnt use a kerosine space heater to heat my house and neither would you.
I wouldnt use a BBQ inside and neither would you.

If you did, you won't be around long.

Keep up the good work guys! keep the sunny side up on anything your doing.
That is what I told my next door neighbor when we were invited over for tea. They were keeping the tea hot by having the kettle atop an electric burner that in turn was sitting on a small wooden box "on" their living room carpet. We own a duplex and although both dwellings share a common firebreak wall, it scared me to see that electric burner (visible in pix #7) so close to the carpet.

Two months later I smelled a very strong odor of gasoline coming from their house while I was in my basement. It was rather scary, so I went and knocked on their door to warn them about the smell. When they opened the door, all of them were on all fours, scrubbing the hardwood floors with a mixture of gasoline and kerosene in preparation for "refinishing" it. I was told everything was OK, that they "knew" what they were doing and that I was worrying tooo much.

Last month on the 19th there was a conflagration in that house that began around 4am. It took the fire department until past 1PM to finish putting the fire out.

Why am I telling you this? There are many out there that have their craneal cavity filled with rotten sewage instead of brains. Unfortunately we have a few of these in the RC hobby, I hate to think of them and Li-Pos. A dangerous combination to say the least.
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