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Originally Posted by dBuster2007
Got my USB cable today from Helidirect and I can not get FMS to work properly and have searched the forums for any assistance with setup.
It seems like the left stick in FMS is moving diagonally and I can not get it to not do that. I am also not able to get the right stick to work period.
Your 0406 transmitter has a hard wired CCPM mix, which can't be disabled! None of cheap Chinese interfaces can un-mix CCPM, so, don't waste your money buying them (I can't understand why a reputable company like Helidirect sells this crap--probably they buy these interfaces by weight!).
Sorry for unhelpful rant, but I saw how this interface is made and found out that it's a 7-bit unit (i.e., the whole motion range has only about 100 steps) and I couldn't help...

Any way, the only interface, which can work with EK2-0406A transmitter is sold my MileHighWings:
It supports de-mixing of CCPM signal of this and older ESky transmitters as well as E-flite Blade CP TX:

MileHighWings R&D
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