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What's your AUW? I thought mine was too heavy, but it's just about right. I quess the cubic wing loading comes more into play there. Especially when there's some wind. Haven't tried it without the SFG's, so you're going into the unknown there. Those leading edge extensions probably are key too.Helps delay the wing stall. And it is a power hog, but I generally find about 175-200 watts/lb. usually does the trick. I think I'm about 185+ right now. I've also got the vortex generators to drag around too so that eats up extra watts, but they seem to improve the slow speed control. I'll be putting back on some smaller VG's too, the larger ones work good but I think the overall flight envelope was better with lots of smaller ones.
Originally Posted by crossup
well its not like I dont fly and own a dozen foamies so I do some idea of their flight characteristics. I'd venture to guess that the SFGs make a big difference and will probably produce something like a glide. Trust me, right now, mine wont glide out of a
vertical dive. Mostly what I'm expecting out of this something more floaty
Power wise, I'm running 350+ watts when the batteries put out so Im at 150watt/pound which should 3D just fine...if not I have an AXI that can handle 600w. But then she will be heavy...
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