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Finally a maiden!
Mostly sucessful but a few not so good surprises
I think my 2100 15C pacs are fading... was about 4 minutes into the maiden, crusing around getting a feel and the pack just went flat. Admitted it was only at 12.1v to start but I was expecting more like 6-7 minutes.
So I had to land in grass clump city which coupled with the semi harrier approach neatly trimmed the landing gear off
Not a big surprise.. 3mm CF pulltrude tubing is rather prone to splitting
and I had intended to land only on the smooth
Flew another pack with pretty much the same result except this time I landed a while there was still a bit in the tank...but man this thing does NOT glide for deuky...even 45 deg is not steep enough to carry speed to quick flare
she plunked down like a ton of bricks but amazingly did not even scratch up the depron
Overall initial impression: flys a good deal faster than I wanted and is draggy enough it takes a lot of throttle to cruise
Hover seemed pretty sweet...oh did I mention I elected to fly despite a severely glitching elevator servo? YUP, but other than making hovering less than a automatic lock no real problem. Just a pain in the butt..
Rolls seemed axial and KE may have the least coupling of anything I've flown
Even with the glitchy servo , the one loop I did seemed very smooth and easy to make round.
The power thing is bothering me...wish my wattmeter went past 17amp...
might be time to transplant my Axi 2826 into it...
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