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Originally posted by Robbie d
what about using a 280 of some sort and smaller cells to lighten things up, any ideas people?
Yes. My gut feel is a geared 280/300 maybe a GWS 300? would do nicely.

Oh well, I have a little time to kill, lets fire up motocalc....

On those weights and a guess at wing area, its 22mph stall!!! (hefty chuck that) but on 8 cells a very decent performance. I thought the Hurry was on 6 cells...but this is on 8. Much better. something like 600 fpm climb and top speed over 50 on the level maybe.

GWS 300 on 3.75 box and 7x6 prop is pretty good on climb, but no top speed.

Nope. I think the fact they have gone to 8 cells makes the difference really. My biggest beef on the hurrcane was that it was 6 cells only.

What is the wing area? I keyed in 112 sq in...
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