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my upgrades include the "turbo kit"
the 180 bb motors
the extreme blades

Guess more a "downgrade but il like to play safe

My experience with these upgrades is not posetive right now.
After installing the turbo kit i had tbe and so far are unable to get rid of it.

The only items i could recomend right now are the motors but only after you have worn out the stock ones ; as replacements they do not improve flight using the stock esky lipo (and other 10 c lipo's )
This is most likely a issue that the lipo's can not suply the current.
I often get the red light on the 4 in 1 even while my voltspy does not indicate low voltage

My current setup is esky alu swash and lower head/ bladegrips but the stock inner axle/ head bladegrips flybar.
My flybar is not stock anymore ; in a atemt to hunt down the tbe couse i cut off the u ends and use wheel collars (as used on landing gears of fixed wing planes) to hold the weights in place ; this allouws me to move them arround to change balance , or move them inwards to change the effect of the flybar.

Also have i opened up the 4 in 1 and the 35 mhz version has a seperate reciever wich i replaced with a spectrum ar6000 .
my tx is a specrumized jr 6102 (loads of info just search this forum)
this allouws me to have a trottle curve and i mix about 7 % trottle on rudder to keep it from going up down when turning.

My flight times are 7 min and the motors do get hot.

Again my advice if yuare a beginner ; keep it stock until you break or wear out parts and you are confortable balancing parts ect
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