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E-Sky Lama V4 Resource Thread - Parts, Mods., Tuning, Upgrades, Etc.

I'd like to start a LAMA 4 Resource thread that has links to upgrade parts, mods, hops, etc. I added links to the places I purchased the items. I'm sure there are better places to buy them, but this where I bought them. I have been most impressed with Hobby-Lobby's fast service.

Please add to this thread with anything useful you have found and I'll try to keep it organized by bringing the info I can up to this original and first post.


---------SWASHPLATE LEVELING---------

The single most important thing to do is leveling that swashplate! It's actually very easy to do. Check this out:

Klondike's Swashplate Leveling Tutorial

---------4in1 Adjustments---------

If your heli is rotating clockwise and you can't trim it out with the TX then you need to turn the proportional dial on the 4in1 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. And, Vice-Versa.

If your heli's tail is swooping left and then right (but not rotating around) like mad and the tail in general is a little crazy then you need to adjust the gain on the 4in1

Make micro-adjustments on the 4in1 then test fly the heli. If it is still not acting right then make more micro-adjustments. Don't get too crazy with those dials! MICRO-ADJUSTMENTS!!

---------TRACK THOSE BLADES!---------
Bottom Blade Tracking

---------Make your V4 more agile and faster! - LONGER SERVO HORNS---------

Longer Servo Horn Mod for more forward flight


WHERE TO BUY STOCK PARTS: (cheap shipping)
Miracle-Mart (Hong Kong)
RC Helicopter Shop (Hong Kong)



Xtreme Brand Replacement Blades <-- Must have - #1 UPGRADE HANDS DOWN

HELP! - What's that tape for that comes with the blades??

Question: What tool do you need to install the blades?

Answer: 1.5 millimeter Allen key


The shortened fly-bar helps with blade strike and is a very easy upgrade.

Shortened Fly Bar

-------------ALUMINUM REPLACEMENT PARTS-----------

E-Sky Brand Aluminum Parts:
Aluminum Inner Shaft <-- MUST HAVE. Keeps the fly-bar from flying off into oblivion. Also consider the below Xtreme Longer Inner Shaft. Both are very good.
Aluminum Rotor Head Set
Aluminum Swashplate <-- Second most recommended.
Aluminum Blade Grips <-- Seems to be NOT recommended by most. Stock are good enough. I see no need for this upgrade.

Longer Inner Shaft:

Many say these cause TBE for them. I didn't find that to be the case. The longer inner shaft puts an additional 5mm space between the two sets of blades which in theory helps with blade strike. I have found that this does help a little bit when combined with the shorter flybar. I do recommend this mod over the above Esky inner shaft. I also say this mod is a MUST if you add the above mentioned longer servo horns for more dramatic flying.

Longer Inner Shaft - Buy it here


Boomtown Hobby Skids - $6.99 plus shipping

The Xtreme CX2 skids can work with the LAMA 4. It's not a perfect fit but they work.

Xtreme CX2 Skids

Heavy Duty Skids - indestructible Skids:

Available in both Black and White. These skids are great and much lighter than the CX2 Xtreme skids. The manufacturer claims they have a life-time warranty. You break, they replace. Mine work perfect and they have never broken.
WARNING: Unreasonable flat $9.99 shipping and handling from Canada. So, you'll pay $20 total for these. Worth it? Maybe. Shipping was reasonably fast.

Get them here:

----------------TAIL BOOM UPGRADES-------------------

Tail Boom Upgrades

As of this moment there are no true LAMA V4 tail boom upgrades available. But, we have found that some of the CX2 tails will indeed work with the LAMA V4 with no modding or some very minor modding. Including the CX2 Xtreme tail boom. Please dig deeper in this thread for some very detailed posts with images and instructions. There are some good options available to you if you invest the time.

**** UPDATE Stateline Hobbies is now selling tailbooms marketed for the LAMA V4. They are the same tail booms they have always been selling but now they are marketed for the V4. ****

I personally recommend the Stateline Hobbies tail boom. It's very light weight and works great (you have to flip the mount around to make it work with the LAMA V4 - see post later in this thread).

Stateline Hobbies Ebay Store
Stateline Hobbies Website

Others have been succesful with the CX2 Xtreme boom:

How to put the Xtreme CX2 boom on the LAMA V4 with pictures

Boomtown Hobbies

And, you can get tail boom to work with some modding:

LAMA V4 with Boomtown's CX2 tail boom

------------------CANOPY UPGRADES---------------

The Xtreme CX2 Canopy will fit the LAMA V4
Xtreme CX2 Canopy on a LAMA V4


Upgraded Bearings

Boca Bearings
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