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any foamies out there that fly like a built up balsa plane?

I loved my foamies but they keep breaking, I wanted something more Durable? well okay something that wont get old and weak, the Depron loosses its stregh after a few years (i don't care what anyone says . it does)

I want a Foam plane but one that flys like a built up plane if there is such a thing. I want a thick fuse rather then a thin one like the foamies I have always flown.. one with landing gear maybe? doesn't have to have gear I guess..
I have been looking at/considering the

E flite Yak 54
Extra Stiffy by Copperhead aviation

Not sure how many driffrent ones like this are out there.
be nice to use what I have witch is HS-55's and a 25A Esc I have a 2015 geared 6:1 motors.

but if have to go larger motor that be fine also.

I been flying my Mini Edge and I really love it but I miss flying my fancyfoam edge 540 I could just do so much with it, I had MaX controls and all on it, and I didnt worry about hitting the ground ( we all do every now and then)

I would like something that flys more like my built up edge so that I don't get spolied flying it then be totally messed up flying my Mini edge, Not that I get totally confused but it would be nice to get better at hovering and all on the deck with a plane that flys like the ME and not worry about hitting the ground if I did.

hope that makes sense.
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