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I forgot to mention.

liaudio (Mike) learned how to fly last month with the Beaver. He has had about 25 flights total on the Beaver if that. Most of them at night in the dark with flying lights.

10mph winds and low light conditions. Bad time to learn.
He will need some getting use to the aileron inputs. At the end the notice the plane rolls left towards the ground. He lost the plane for a sec and tried to recover. I think he was too using rudder and held down the right stick to turn left way too long. With ailerons, all you need to do it tap it and let it go in the direction. No need to hold the input unless you want to roll.

Overall I think he did great and will be learning very quick. I donno of anyone else who jumped onto ailerons that quick.
You can see how the GWS kit is so easy to fix. I could have that flying in 15 mins if I had a new gearbox. (Which I have so many of)
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