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Hyperion Cub 25E

I have the Hyperion 25E and the world models 48" cubs. My 25 is using an Eflite power 10, Airbos 35, apc 12X6E, 600ma flight pack and a hyperion 2100 16C lipo. I used cs-12 servos from tower hobbies with a MG on the rudder.

First off let me say this plane is a dream to fly. I never get over 1/2 throttle even on takeoff since it does not suffer from the "cub ground dance" that many other models seem to. I've mixed in down elevator for 50% and 100% flap settings but i've found it easier to land with no flaps.

This power setup requires some management as wot static is 42 amps but who wants to 3d a cub I've found that high rates which are close to factory recommended do very well. My low rates at 60% made it harder to fly. The plane flys well in 12 to 15 mph but is much more fun below 10 mph. The landing gear is very well designed which is a nice change from other Hyperion models I've flown and my worst "carrier" landing did nothing more than pop the o rings between the LG braces. Larger main wheels would be better on grass fields.

The WM 48" uses an eflite park 450 with a custom made firewall and spacers. Ultrafly 25Amp esc and either hyperion or TP 2100 lipos finish the power train. I've fogotten which apc slow flyer prop i put on it but its a 9" i believe. The WM cub can literally fly 30 min at half throttle in gentle wind which is nice when i'm ribbing the slimers about their dead stick landings when they run out of fuel.

Both of these planes need plenty of roll on the alierons and a high deflection on the rudder. I mixed up elevator with rudder on the hyperion and it made it alot easier to fly.

I have lots of planes in a mix of electric as well as glow but these 2 are hands down my favorites. I doubt you can go wrong with either one.
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