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The system was not banned by the AMA for this event, and the people running this event refuse to respond to our emails. What does that tell you?

The level of spamming going on behind the scenes that you guys don't see is amazing! We must be really ticking off the competition for them to stoop to this level.

This field is very well known for having lockouts on all frequencies. It sits nearby a major airport (FAA ceiling in effect) having a lot of high powered RF transmitters. We have had people on all frequencies report to us since this "ban" that they have crashed their 40MHz, 72MHz, Spektrum, and FASST systems there. These also work there, along with ours.

There is actually only ONE crash in that RCU thread. The other report was from Joe Kelley who admittedly thought he had a problem so he turned off his turbine, and he pulled up his landing gear, and he landed the plane on its belly. That same airframe is still flying today. The other person reported a momentary lockout that resulted in no problem with landing. Those are the facts. I asked Steve Kaluf for the AMA to investigate this field and whether it is safe to fly there due to the number of unexplained crashes that occur there.
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