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Originally Posted by camship

Actually it was an either or situation. I should have been clearer. The Pyro link was in response to the digital camcorder dilemma. Most do not have a composite "video input". I have seen some digital video cameras that will record from the DV connection and that is where the Pyro AV might come in handy if you already have an expensive digital camcorder with DV in capability.
No need to be clearer, I had understood the thing and had also talked about it a couple of times - but I was referring to Jett saying one of miniDV recorders' downside was size. If he already considers today's small devices to be too big, I don't imagine him carrying one PLUS the Pyro box.

But the HV10 is actually nearly smaller than some Archos recorders, while it can actually also film good HD video as a "bonus"

Sony just released a portable HDV recorder (like they had for DV):

OK this can be nice for professionals as there's a load of interfaces etc, but personally I wouldn't get one when you can actually get a full camcorder which will let you do most of what you would with one for half the price...

I intend to use the HV10 as a secondary cam next to my FX7 for a couple of productions, one of them being a big full-scale airshow in 1 month. Having the smallest HD cam you can find will be a blast to use in some places like inside aircraft. From the reviews it's the perfect complement to the good, big and handy FX7, as it's really really small but still has a good image, and a lot of manual controls.
The described downsides are handling (small dials etc, not easy to adjust while shooting,...), lack of audio features, no HDMI out... but intending to take the cam, adjust it, strap it in place, hit record and stop when the plane comes back, or just use it for some additional shots none of those actually apply to me, the main job still being done by the FX7.
Of course, it will serve as a recorder at some point too
I can't wait to receive it.
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