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Doug McLaren
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Re: UpStar EP Glider by Tower Hobbies

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| Doug, could you recommend a good electric glider? I'd like to get
| something in the middle for starters, at least until I see how I like
| it. Thanks!

First of all, avoid anything with a direct drive speed can (usually
speed 400-600) motor unless it's dirt cheap (as in used, or given to
you for free.) Gliders generally work best with a big, slow prop --
and so that means either a gearbox or a brushless outrunner. Going
direct drive usually means a smaller prop going faster, which is

NE Sail sells a lot of good electric gliders --

but notice that most of these are just airframes -- no motor, no
battery, no servos. Price goes up fast!

For beginners, the Easy Glider Electric is a great choice. Being
foam, it tend to not break when crashed. And they give you a speed
400 motor with a gearbox -- so it can turn an appropriately sized
prop. Speed 400 motors also don't use that much power, so the battery
size needed is reasonable. And if you want to upgrade to brushless,
the motors and gearboxes are reasonably priced.

Gearboxes tend to cost more than the cheap can motors they're attached
to -- but they really make a huge difference for a nice slow glider.

The Easy Glider really does thermal pretty well, and while the stock
power system doesn't make it a rocket, it's adequate. Lots of soaring
clubs are doing `one design' contests with everybody flying an Easy
Glider -- the pure glider version rather than the electric version,
but either way, it's quite popular.

Doug McLaren,
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