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Maiden Flight

Welp, I finally maidened it.

I started this project back in mid-March, so it was a long time coming. It was almost a short time gone -- I almost smashed it in hard on my first flight. This is my first aileron ship, and really only my second RC aircraft overall. Also, it was my first flight with a computer radio. Just a lot of stuff I wasn't really familiar with. The first thing that bit me was aileron versus rudder -- on my first toss with enough power to fly, the ship started going left which I tried to compensate for with only aileron. Fortunately, that was pretty low to the ground. After dialing in some rudder trim I went for it again and got it up there pretty good, but I just wasn't used to controlling the plane yet. It was quite a bit different than the Easy Star which I had just been flying earlier today. I ended up in a turn that ended up in a power-on dive out over a wooded area -- I mean really just coming down screaming. I had let it over-bank in a turn and lost control. Well, I killed the power and pulled out (and then pushed back over, narrowly avoiding a low altitude stall just over the trees on my recovery), got medium power back in, got her straightened out and turned towards me, killed the power and let it just come in on a glide out over a field. Whew!

I couldn't believe I had almost just smashed my plane to bits three minutes after I first tossed it into the air. Anyway, after walking out onto the field and getting the plane back I had calmed down and decided to, what the heck, give it another toss. The second flight went much smoother! After that, I decided to quit while I was ahead and call it a day.

So, I'm already getting a handle on controlling my new plane and hope to fly again tomorrow, hopefully without any more scary moments. Once I get this thing down a little better, I think this is going to be a real fun aircraft.

Anyway, so the maiden is over and I'm in business!

I was probably about 2/3rds throttle (stock engine, 8 cell NiMh) on that first launch, but that was too much for my low level of experience, I guess.

I had in a 12% rudder-to-aileron mix. I just upped that to 15% (I'd initially upped it to 20%, but since I'm already getting used to that initial 12% mix, I figured I better back it off a bit and make any changes very incrementally). I'll see how that works in the air.

I have the spoilers set up, but haven't gotten a chance to try them out yet (I'm very curious about them though!)
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