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Re: Petrol Engine vs Pulse Jet

Hi People!

Sailboats are elegant but are not meant to be
very fast, compared to pulse jet speed boat.
I heard that ethanol can be used to fuel pulse jet.

Do you think methanol engine can be converted easily to run on ethanol? I
heard that the glow plug needs to be turned on all the time.

Has anybody tried running the methanol engine on ethanol?


David Tajono
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"Bill Price" <> wrote in message
news:k_B4a.10042$ ..
> Read the MSDS for methanol and gasoline. Both are toxic, nasty chemicals.
> If you drink methanol, you may be blinded. If you drink gasoline, you may
> die.
> Given such a terrible choice, why not try a non-polluting sailboat?
> "DAVID JOE" <DAVIDTJA@PACIFIC.NET.AU> wrote in message
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> > Hi People!
> >
> > I hate poisonous methanol.
> > So I am considering whether to use
> > petrol engine vs pulse jet engine for
> > my RC speed boat.
> >
> > Any comments or suggestions?
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > David Tajono