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Originally Posted by jdunn9
Hope this never happens to you. I was talking to my neighbor and his 6 year old daughter last night and she saw my CX2. She asked where I flew it and I told her inside the house. She didn't believe me so I showed her. Next she asked how high it would go. As it was a zero wind condition outside I said let's go outside and see. (I have done this dozens of time) I took it up to where it was still visible and I could still see where the tail was and I knew I was still in full control. It helped as I had it modded with the light kit. Just as I was about to bring it back down it must have caught an updraft because it shot straight up and in just a matter of a few seconds it disappeared from sight. I'm thinking still not a problem so I started using left stick to try and bring it down. I saw it for a moment after it had lost some altitude, at about 30 degrees left from the original take off point, but only because I spotted the nose light, and tried to fly it back towards me using the nose light to keep me orientated. No response from my BCX2 at all and then it shot straight back up again and I lost sight of it for good. Wonder where it landed.
Who that really sucks. It took me 3 weeks of work to get my BCX2 I'm not taking any chances with it. I could never fly it out side where I live way to windy.
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