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Posted for 30V2 - Flight Report

There was little wind this evening, so I flew the new plane...

This thing flies amazingly well! The slow flight characteristics are very nice, it flies VERY slow and the wing does not appear to tip stall at very slow speeds. When I pulled power off and held full up elevator, it maintained a steep glide with a slightly nose-up attitude, and again, the ailerons had good authority throughout. Knife edge flight was easy and there was little coupling. All that was required was a little down elevator to fly knife edge straight. She hovers easily, but could use a little more elevator authority to make it easier. Often I would have to add power to make the elevator more effective. The ailerons seemed to have more authority than normal in the hover, but I'll have to fly it more to be sure. Entering flat spins (both normal and inverted) was very easy, and the aircraft had exceptional aileron control (especially inverted) and was very nice throughout. Also, for flat spins, the forgiving nature of this design makes "bailing out" of these maneuvers very easy. Likewise, maneuvers like waterfalls and so on are quite stable. The rudder on this plane allows me to "whip" the tail around and perform many of the other more radical things, but this also flies much more like a "real" plane. The KFm wing seems to let this plane "groove" much more like some of the larger nitro birds I've flown (like the Kaos), while simultaneously giving me the best of the foamies (namely amazing slow flight and ease of use). The most striking thing for me is how quickly this plane can go from fast "grooving" flight to very stable slow flight. Obviously these are just my first impressions, but as I spend more time flying I'll be sure to update you on its performance.

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