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Originally Posted by Jim T. Graham
The rules are the rules and it is the moderators job to issue a point to anyone that breaks one of the rules. Red was given points for obnoxious behavior and a group attack. He had a chance to edit them and was not close to being banned. The mod that gave him the points had no idea who Red 61 was before the points were issued. Red could have just edited the posts and moved forward.
I have also reviewed the posts in this thread that were given points and they also broke RCGroups rules. I know no one likes to get a point but our system allows you to edit your post and have the point removed. If you follow the rules you have nothing to worry about. I am now closing this thread.
This is the last post in the red 61 thread.

While I agree that most posts were of a warnable offense ( especially the last couple I made), I will have to respectfully disagree that the 1st one I was warned for was not. I was given the opportunity to edit it, and I did, just not to the moderator's liking. I will drop this subject as of this last post, as it is beating the proverbial horse, but I want to say that posting what was posted IMHO was not an offense. I called myself retarded for not understanding what was posted, and I do not believe that that called for me to edit my post. However, since the almighty JTG has spoken, I will leave this be......
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