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Originally Posted by DiggyDiggs
Well, I am now hooked. Took it out again after the pack charged up and was being greedy. Flew it too long and she came down with practically no power. I will say it is certainly durable!! Not even a scratch and it went into the gravel/grass mixed part of a parking lot nose first from a good 3ft up. I am using my DX7 with it, and have the rates cranked down pretty low, it is just too fast for me on high rates. Need to get the expo right and see what she can really do.

Have 3 packs coming from True RC so I don't abuse the one pack I have anymore. Don't normally fly a pack out like that, but just wanted a little more. Love how I don't need a huge area to fly in with it, and how responsive it is. The lack of throw on the elevator isn't a problem at all. I set the travel adjust so the elevator will lightly touch the rudder, but won't interfere with its movement and she will still snap up quick!!

As for the tail section getting installed too far forward, I think I could have balanced her just a touch better if I would have left it back where it should be. With everything as far forward as possible, it is still just a slight touch nose heavy.

A build vid would be great for this product. I hope people latch on to this plane, it is a lot of fun and has amazing performance for its size. I find it to be much more responsive than my standard SSX, but still doesn't do rolls very fast. Like I said, once I get the expo set correctly on high rates, I bet she will do a nice blender Hard to get it all setup the way I want with just a single pack. Should have bought a bunch from the get go. I am considering getting the build kit and covering one myself also. I would like another shot at building one now that I know where I messed up, even though it doesn't seem to cause any real problems. Flies well inverted also, and need to see if I can knife with it, although I can't do a knife well on any of my other birds, so I wouldn't be a good test candidate

Big or small, the SSX kits are both great, need to get started on my other SSX kit I have here. And I think I will be setting it up for night time flying. Don't have a place here to really use it yet, but SEFF 08 will be here before you know it !!

Glad to see you are enjoying both my models. Your SSX looks great!
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