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Sorry, but it looks to me like you guys are just looking for another villian here.

here is what I believe is a likely story here- anyone know??

two guys - Ragan and Barker (inventors) come up with what they believe is a novel way to build R/C planes from coroplast (horrible stuff), perhaps they form a company to make these/ (US aircore?) thinking that they will make millions on this venture, they seek to protect themselves against copycats by getting a patent. First applied for in 1991, abandoned, then reapplied for an granted in 1995. At some point the business is aquired by Hobbico? (and worth something or more based on having a patent).

So now we end up with the story not of a couple of guys actually making a little off of an idea for R/C planes, but with a story of evil corporate greed ?

- looks to me like the claims really only cover using cut flutes for control surface hinges or other hinging points - easy to get around.

- if anyone can show they used this method prior to the pat application, the patent is invalid.

- the patent system is used to protect inventors and disseminate technological advances - why don't we think of some improvements to building coroplast planes and patent/use them, preventing Hobbico from improving their designs without infringing on you? (other than it would cost more than the business is worth..)

- patenting a class of usage of a material is almost impossible, suitable materials for a use are normally "obvious" to those skilled in the art and so are not patentable (doesn't stop you from trying though)- a utility patent is how to do something, In order to be patented an invention must be novel, useful, and not of an obvious nature. Coroplast and how to make it is patentable, making a sign out of it is not. A specific technique for making coroplast signs would be.

Maybe we should just let people vote on who is "worthy" of getting patents so no evil types get any anymore.

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